When thinking of the color scheme for your kitchen, a surprising trend is a refreshing mint hue. Mint offers a fresh design perspective and can bring a cooling and calming effect to your room. If you are thinking of using mint in your remodel, here are few factors to consider.

How Much?

There can be too much of a good thing. While a refreshing mint hue is a good choice for décor color, it is best to offset it with other colors. You can use it on an accent wall, for the appliances, for the decorative pieces around the room, etc. Having everything in mint, though, will probably be too much. Mint is pretty close to a neutral color, so there are many colors that will pair nicely. You can set up a virtual color scheme or get color swatches to see how various pairings work together. Some you can try are white, black, blue, different shades of green, pastels, or corals. One thing to remember is that the color on the swatch may be brighter than the actual look of the color in your kitchen. So, it will be important to keep this in mind when you are putting various colors together to see how they look.

Ease Into It

If you aren’t sure whether you want to do a lot with mint, then ease into it. If you have cabinets that display the contents, you can find some mint dinnerware to show off. You can have some kitchen towels in mint or maybe find a few pieces of artwork to display on the wall. This way you can change it out if you like without needing to make major changes to the room. If you want more of it, then you could consider painting the cabinets themselves in mint. You can also pair mint with another color for a patterned look on the wall. Another option would be to stagger your mint additions. You can start with accent pieces and work your way to having more items incorporate mint into the room. If you have accent items as your main mint focus, you can also change them out with other items to determine how you would like to incorporate mint design within the room.

Using mint design in your kitchen is a good way to brighten up your space. By choosing a little or a lot, you can have the mint design that works best with your space and décor.


Photo: Designed by rawpixel.com / Freepik