The kitchen is a place for gathering. Whether you have a kitchen table, a little kitchen nook, seating at the counter, or space at the kitchen island, the tables and chairs that you choose can help set the mood for the room. One element to choosing the best furniture for the kitchen is to take some time and pick out the perfect chairs. Sometimes when you are picking a table, the chairs will be part of the set. Other times, like when you are looking for chairs to use at the counter or kitchen island, they are a separate purchase. What are some options when choosing your chairs? Let’s look at some.


An important factor for chair choice is choosing the best height for its use. If the chair is part of a set, then the height should work perfectly with the table. Bar and island heights, though, vary so you need to measure to make sure your chair will not be too high or too low. You don’t want to tower over your bar or island, and in the same vein, you don’t want your reach to be uncomfortable because the counter height is too high.


Do you want to have plain wood or metal chairs, or are you looking to have cushioned chairs? When you were thinking about the height of the chair previously, how you sit on the chair will be determined by whether or not there is a cushion on the chair. The cushion will put you higher and could affect the legroom that you have available before you reach the counter. If you have a cushion on the seat and the back, you will sit higher and more forward.

Some other factors are whether you will have a back or arms on the chair or not. Some prefer more of a stool feature while others prefer more of an armchair look. Each type of chair will take up differing amounts of room width-wise. You will need to understand how many chairs you want to fit into the space, and how many chairs will fit comfortably with the width/length choices you picked.


You can choose metal chairs, wood chairs, leather or upholstered for your seating arrangements. Each one will come with varying degrees of comfort and cleaning requirements. You can decide how formal you would like your dining area to be when considering what type of material you would like to choose for the chairs. Additionally, the temperature of your kitchen could be a deciding factor as well. The upholstered chairs could hold the heat better and make you feel warmer.

With your budget in hand, you can choose the chairs of your dreams to add the finishing touch to your perfect kitchen remodel.