So, you want an all white kitchen! That’s great! You are thinking of the crisp and cleanness it will bring to your space. You imagine the walls, counters, and appliances all gleaming white. And then you start imagining all that white and wonder if there are ways to do this that won’t just wash out the room. You want it to be your creative space, where friends gather, and where you create nourishing meals. You can have the perfect all white kitchen by keeping the following things in mind!


One way to create interest and depth to your room is to play around with textures. You can have a mix of matte and shiny areas in your kitchen. You can also consider smooth and rough areas as well. What’s great about mixing these up is that it satisfies your visual needs as well as tactile. You might pair a stone wall with a polished finish quartz countertop to mix things up, as an example.


Another way to add to your kitchen is to consider the lighting for your space. You can think about having different types of lighting, like pendant lighting in your space. With pendant lighting, you can have the lights all at the same length or mix it up and have different lengths for each of the lights. Your pendant light covers can be another color (black, gold, etc.) as well. This is a way to add visual interest to the room. You need to understand how natural light enters the room. An all white kitchen is a great room for natural light. The sunlight will bounce off the white and brighten the room even more.

Accent Colors

An easy way to add accent colors to your room is to add plants. Adding greenery enhances without taking away from your monochromatic kitchen. You could have wood accents as well. One way would be to have a wood floor in your kitchen. This is a way to add a pop of color that adds to the beauty of your space. You can place fresh flowers on the counter as yet another way to finish off your kitchen.

Your all white kitchen can become the kitchen of your dreams by following a few thoughts above to create interest and depth. Another possibility for your kitchen is to have different shades of white throughout. This way you can keep the all white theme if you do not want other colors involved.