You want to keep your kitchen counters as clean and beautiful as long as you possibly can. You know that maintaining your health and the health of your family is very important to you. That said, you want to clean your kitchen counters in a responsible manner that maintains hygienic standards without harming your countertops. There are products and cleaning methods that can have the effect of spreading bacteria instead of sanitizing your space. What are some common mistakes that could be made while you are cleaning your countertops? Here are some things to consider.

Abrasive Cleaners

One of the biggest issues that you can have when you are cleaning your countertops is to make the mistake of feeling you need to scour the countertop with abrasive cleaners for it to be clean. The problem with abrasive cleaners is that they can mar the surface depending on the material. Stone, granite or marble countertops can be scratched when abrasive cleaners or scour pads are used.


These products have a few issues. One of the problems with ammonia and vinegar is if you happen to mix them with the wrong substance or each other. As an example, ammonia mixed with bleach will give off harmful fumes. The same thing happens if you mix vinegar with various things. Then couple this with working in an area with poor ventilation. You are going to have a problem! Another issue with ammonia or vinegar cleaners is that these products can react with sealants and grouts and cause parts of your sealed countertop to wear down. The grout can become loose or be removed after contact with the cleaners as well.

Dish Liquid

Dish liquid can do a great job cleaning your dishes but is not the best way to sanitize your countertops. Sure, it seems easy enough to grab a sponge and the dish liquid to clean up a quick mess, but you are not getting your counter clean enough. Another issue you can have with dish liquid is if it leaves a film on your counter. This will then pick up dirt and grime and leave your counter potentially dirtier than before you cleaned it. Also, it can dull your counters as well.


One thing to keep in mind when you want to clean and sanitize your countertops is to make sure you use a cleaner that is appropriate for your material. You also need to make sure that you maintain your material in a way that is fitting for your countertops. This will include whether the material is natural stone, if the material is sealed, or if there are other specifications for caring for your countertop.