In the previous post, we began discussing seating options for your shower. Not everyone can stand the entire time they are in the shower, so it is good to look at options so that your shower time does not have to suffer. We discussed the freestanding chair, a corner chair, and a shower stool earlier and now we will continue with some further choices in our seating guide.

Built In

If your bathroom is large enough, you can have a seat built into your shower area. This is great if you know you need it, and then you won’t have to worry about how sturdy it is. If you have material like stone, marble, or tile, just make sure there are nonslip additions made to it so that you can make sure you stay on the seat while you are using it. Your seat can be recessed into the wall to give yourself a spa-like feeling when you are in there.


Just like there are floating shelves on your wall, you can have a floating bench in your shower. If you want something for grooming while you are in the shower, this might be what you are looking for. It can be constructed like a narrow ledge. You can also make it a full seat and then keep an eye on where the edges are while you are showering. If you will be having one installed, then discuss with those doing the work how much would be the maximum weight you are looking to support. You can also bring up other things that you are concerned about as well.

Folding Shower Seat

The folding shower seat works because you can pull it out when you are using it and then fold it up when you are not. This works well in a mixed shower where everyone might not need support. You would need to determine the best placement for this based on the location of the showerhead and see how flush it can be against the shower wall when not in use. It’s good to determine where the spray hits when people are standing up and when they are sitting down. Additionally, if the showerhead has a detachable part for someone sitting down, you want to make sure it reaches comfortably and there is a place to set it between needing it and soaping up.

Your shower should be a safe place where you can wash without worrying about injury. Finding seating that suits your needs is one of the first things to consider if you are renovating or remodeling your bathroom. We’ve shared several options to consider in this seating guide. Most of these chairs also come in a variety of materials and colors, so it should be easy to match any of your thoughts with your bathroom theme.