Shower seating is a wonderful option for your bathroom setting. Seating can bring you a higher level of safety, accessibility, and comfort when you are showering. This is beneficial to everyone, especially those who have limited mobility or balance issues because showers can be slippery when you are dealing with soap, shampoo, and water. What are some options you have for seating? In this article, the various types of seating options, such as a shower bench, that are available for your shower/bathroom area are discussed. No matter what your need is, you’ll be able to find a seating option you will like.


This type of seating is available for either the shower or any area in the bathroom. A freestanding or standalone bench is seating that can be placed anywhere there is space enough for the seat. This type of seating can be used outside of the shower if you need to sit to get dressed. If you are using this seating type as a shower bench, you will need to make sure that it is set up in a way that is the safest to use. This seating will have the ability to move, and this could be an issue in a wet setting.

Corner Seating

A type of seating that could be better than a freestanding bench could be a corner seat. This will allow two sides of the seat to be against the wall, allowing you to sit a little more firmly instead of having no back behind you. This type of seating can also work well if you have someone who uses a wheelchair, given that the rest of the shower is big enough to accommodate it. The seat would be triangular shaped and also works well in a smaller shower. This seat can also be used to steady yourself if you do any type of grooming in the shower.

Shower Chair/Stool

These types of chairs are normally plastic/metal and are sturdy enough to hold heavier individuals. The shower stool is smaller than the shower chair. These can be used to make shampoo/conditioner easier to grab or give you a place to sit down if you get tired standing in the shower. The shower chair can also have a back and armrest if necessary. You can make these chairs safer by putting anti-skid, anti-slip material on the floor of the shower if you like to cut down on the possibility of the seat shifting while you are using it.

These are some of the choices that you have for seating options in your shower. In the next post, we will continue our discussion by adding a built-in seat, a floating seat, and a folding chair.