It is fun to reimagine your space. You can see what you have to work with now, and how you want to improve it. There are so many options that are available to refresh your bathroom space. One thing to do is to choose a new sink. You could decide to go from one sink to two or increase your counter space by removing the second sink. You could choose to go with one larger sink instead of two as well. There are more options besides choosing how many sinks you would like and where the sink placement is on the counter is going to be. In this post, we will discuss your sink options.


The type and placement of your faucets can be a big decision. Not all sinks that are sold have faucets within the sink. The faucet itself could come straight out of the wall, with the sink just there to catch the water and have it go down the drain. Additionally, some faucets can be centerset, single hole, widespread, or set up for a vessel sink. You can also find sinks where the faucet holes are offset. So, determining the space around your sink area is very important when making the decision about the faucets.


A great thing about sinks is that they come in a variety of colors. There are over ten options if you want to have a granite composite sink! The color options will depend on the material that you choose and the finish of that material. You can have a shiny or matte look to your sink. Why not expand your mind beyond just white? Also, think of the various metal sinks that are available. Deciding on the color of the sink will be influenced by your general décor style for the bathroom and materials and colors for the rest of the fixtures. Do you want it all to match perfectly? Or were you thinking about a complementary color scheme?


One thing to consider when changing out your sink is if you want your sink to remain in the same place, or if you have enough room to move it somewhere else. Part of this could be determined by going from a long counter with two sinks to removing a sink and shortening the counter space to make room for an additional fixture. You will need to check how the plumbing could be affected by any changes you want to make. Maybe you have the ability to take out the double sink counter and move the sink to another wall, thereby freeing up more space. A thorough review of your current bathroom setup and the options available will let you know how big of a change your bathroom can handle.

Any type of remodel/renovation lets your creativity flow. When it comes to your bathroom sink, you can really change things up if you want to!