One of the options that you have in your kitchens and bathrooms is creating an area that protects the walls from errant splashing and, in the case of the kitchen, cooking messes. The area that is protected, either behind a stove or a sink, is covered with a backsplash. This is something that can be a complimentary material to the countertop material. A newer trend hitting the design world is the idea of a countersplash. This takes the backsplash to another level by having the counter material just continue above the counter onto the wall. Instead of two materials, it is just a continuation of the counter material. It is good to take a few things into consideration when you are determining the material you would like to use.


While a funky or busy pattern might look good on the countertop and be offset by the other items in the room, when you take the material and put it on the wall as well, the room can begin to look too busy. The focus changes from enjoying the room to being distracted by the pattern. It is good to take the totality of the pattern’s effect on the room into consideration. This can be done with various software applications that allow you to try out various materials and how the pattern will affect the room as a whole.

What’s Hot

It’s important when making decisions to change around your place that you are doing so from the standpoint of putting in what you like. It’s best not to rely too much on trends, beyond inspiration You don’t want to install a look for your place that just seemed to be what everyone else was doing. Then now you hate it.  Does this mean ignoring the trends? No! It just means to look at the trends and see if there is a way to make the look your own that you can love for years to come.


One of the ways you can choose your material and coloring is to look around the rest of your space and see what other colors are being used. You can use a complementary approach or use the same coloring for your counters/countersplash. If you have a dark wood, like cherry, for your cabinets then you might want to consider a lighter/brighter material for your counters. This way, the dark will be balanced out. If your counters are blue, then you might want to choose a white or gray color for your counters. You can choose different colors or different shades of the same color to add interest to your room.

There are many ideas that you can incorporate whether you decide on a backsplash or a countersplash!