The temperature changes depending on the time of year. There are warm days, cold days, rainy days, and days that just feel perfect. When considering making changes to your home, one change that you can consider is to add a 3-season room. What does this mean? This means adding a room to your home that will be utilized during spring, summer, and fall. This can be a room that is used for entertaining, relaxing, an extra guest room, or whatever you can think of.

The reason it is a 3-season room is that it is not equipped to handle the coldest weather well. The room is usually enclosed in glass and traditionally not part of the rest of the house. It can have floor-to-ceiling windows that have UV protection. This can help make sure your furniture choices do not fade, and also make sure that you are not affected by the direct/indirect sun that the room will get.

These types of rooms can be beneficial if you would like to experience a rainstorm without getting wet. They can bring you closer to nature without the bugs, and you can be protected from the wind if it were to pick up.

The 3-season room is different from a basic porch because the construction is sturdier. The 3-season room is protected from the elements, whereas a porch might just be enclosed with screens. The 3-season room is one step away from an additional room attached to the home. The room can have a separate heating element in it but is normally not connected to the heating and air conditioning of the home.

Your 3-season room can be decorated and furnished as your budget allows. Your windows can be bare or have floor-to-ceiling curtains or other window coverings for added privacy if you wish. You can consider putting a fireplace out there to stretch the fall season as far as you can. Furnishings can include some chairs, or you can make it into another living room area and have couches and tables, make it a dining room area, a reading nook, or a hobby room. The options are almost endless. You can consider how you would like to utilize the space as the seasons change to see if there would be an overarching theme to its use. Then you can use this information to decorate to your heart’s desire.