When you flush a traditional toilet, the same amount of water enters the bowl and removes the liquid or solid waste down the bowl each time. This is because the flapper rises in the tank and all the water leaves the tank and enters the bowl. There is a mechanism that allows new water to flow into the tank and another mechanism that lets the toilet know the tank is full and the water stops flowing. One thought that has evolved over time is the idea whether everything that enters the toilet needs the same amount of water to get rid of it. From this idea, the dual flush toilet was imagined.

The dual flush toilet works by the user choosing whether there is solid or liquid waste to flush and then picking the appropriate method to have water enter the bowl to remove it. Liquid waste would require less water and solid waste would require more. For some toilets, there is a choice of two buttons to choose from that will let the user know if there will be more or less water used in the flush. Other times, the toilets are set up for using the handle or using a button. Still, others have a handle, and the difference is whether you pull it up or push it down. Most toilets will have a visual reference showing either one drop of water or two, to let the user know whether they are choosing more water or less to flush with.

What are some advantages of this system? Most of the waste that is put in the toilet is liquid, so this can result in a significant reduction in the amount of water used each day when flushing. Using less water for flushing can result in a reduction in water costs. What’s great about this is that it will have a cumulative effect and you will continually save water each month with this method.

Another advantage is less strain on the water supply. Putting less of a strain on the water supply is helpful for the environment and the local water in the area you live in. Additionally, this allows your septic system to run better as well. If your area has any type of water regulations that require low-flow options, the dual flush toilet conforms to this.

There are many advantages to having a dual flush toilet. Manufacturers have made these types of toilets in a variety of styles and colors to match any décor, so there are options for any look you are trying to create.