When you are looking to give a fresh look to your space, you can upgrade your bathroom and kitchen to see a positive effect on home value and enjoyment. A quick and easy way to begin this transformation is to replace your outdated faucets. Your new faucet can improve the functionality of your space, increase your water efficiency, and upgrade your style. There is a wide range of options available related to style and finish so you can find something that complements your décor and fits your style preferences. Here are some faucet options.

Singe Handle

One of the most well-known faucets is the single handle variety. This type of faucet will control the flow and temperature through a single mechanism. You will control the flow of the water by how high you lift the faucet and control the temperature by moving the handle in a sideways motion until you find the temperature that you desire.

Double Handle

This type of faucet will have a hot and cold side that is separate from each other. The control and the flow of the water are determined by how far each side is utilized when turned on. These handles can either be a lift type handle or you may need to twist to begin the flow of water. The cold and hot water will be adjusted mainly by flow and the mix of both together to reach your ideal temperature.


A bridge faucet is similar to a double handle, with a hot and cold side, but the difference is that everything is connected by a horizontal pipe. This means that the piping will be visible instead of hidden underneath the counter. The hot and cold water will mix within this bridge before coming out of the faucet. This can be a very stylish addition to your room.

Pull Out/Pull Down

Pull out/Pull down faucets will mostly be seen in kitchen areas, where the spray head (faucet) will be pulled down or out to be utilized. In the pull down faucets, the mobility of the faucet is, as the name suggests, pulled straight down to use. In the pull out form of faucet, the faucet section is lifted up and moved around as needed. There will be a sprayer at the end along with a flexible hose so that you can reach many areas of the sink, depending on its size and function. There can be adjustments made to how the water flows out, mostly in some form of spray pattern options. These types of faucets can be used for big pots and pans, rinsing off produce, or having the ability to reach other areas around the sink.

Whether you’re remodeling your entire space or just looking for a quick update, a new faucet can make a significant difference. We’ve given you some different styles to consider when you begin searching.