Lighting your home takes many things into consideration. Some of the considerations are how much natural light your rooms get, how dark your home gets at night, and if there is anyone in your home that needs extra light due to decreased vision or mobility. One of the great ways to light up the rooms in your home is with pendant lighting. This type of lighting can hang from the ceiling by chains or rods and has the ability to hang from a variety of heights. Here are some options available with pendant lighting.

Light Intensity

One of the options you have for pendant lighting is if you are looking for diffuse lighting over a wide area, or if you are looking for bright lighting on specific spots around your space. Pendant lighting gives you this option because of the height you can place the lighting at, the size of the shade that you use, and the number of lights that you have in any given area. Another factor is the material that the shade is made out of. Some will direct the light just down, others will direct the light up and down, and others will allow diffuse light to cover the room. Some shades will allow the bulbs to be seen, while others are used to just show the light without seeing the bulb.


One thing that is great about pendant lighting is that it can actually be part of the décor for your space. Even when the lights are not on, your guests will still be able to see the beautiful display of pendant lights that you put up. One way you can add to the elegance of your room is by using several pendant lights of varying heights. You could also use matching colors, but varying shade styles to create interest and intrigue for your room. Or, you can have the same style of shade in a few complementary colors.


Pendant lighting can be placed along your counters, your dining room table, in a reading nook, or over specific areas where you are looking for concentrated light. You want to make sure that the lighting is high enough to not be in the way of everyday activity. This could mean that your lights are at least 30 inches above the counter and over 70 inches from the floor. One thing to think about is how tall everyone is in the home. Are the pendants going to be placed where anyone could walk under them? Additionally, are the lights going to be placed in such a way that no one is staring directly at the bulb?

Pendant lighting can add elegance and beauty to your home. There are a variety of options to create the perfect look you are going for.