Privacy is something that is on your mind when you are remodeling. You have many different options to choose from when it comes to a window covering. One thing to consider is having a window that doesn’t need to be covered. This will allow the natural light in and won’t be diffused or blocked by a shade or curtain. How can you do this? Here are some options to forgo the window covering.

Window Height

One way to allow for privacy and unrestricted natural light is to place the window high on the wall. This can work in rooms such as the bathroom, which can also help reduce the amount of steam while you are bathing. You can determine how high to put the window by the purpose of the room you are looking to keep more private.

Window Material

Another way to have more privacy while allowing the light in is to consider a glass block window. The pattern used to make the windows creates a distorted view of what is inside. These windows are generally thicker and are considered more energy efficient. A stained-glass window can offer more privacy as well. This type of window would allow variable amounts of light depending on the colors that were chosen for the glass.


Why not consider placing a skylight in your room? The room can be illuminated from above. The heat from the sun can help lower the heating costs for your house. You can also have a skylight that opens and closes to allow for fresh air to circulate in your space. Cross ventilation can help you use your air conditioning less. You would want to make sure that your skylight is installed in the best place possible for your needs. This can depend on the room and its use.


If you are looking for only a little more privacy, you can place décor items in or around the window space. One option would be to place decorative items on the window sill. This could be plants, bottles, or small knickknacks. It would merely be something that you enjoy seeing that would make it more difficult to get a clear view into your house. If you do not want to put things on the window sill, you could also place a decorative film on the window, or place large items in front of the window, such as tall plants or trees. These choices would depend on the room and the level of privacy you are hoping to achieve.