When you are planning a remodel, you need to consider the placement of the new furniture in your space. You can consider where your old furniture was placed within the room and decide how well that worked for you. Here are some tips when deciding your new furniture placement.

Main Elements

One thing to consider for your furniture placement is if you have items within the room that have a non-negotiable placement. For example, if you have a television you are going to be placing on a specific wall, or a particular piece of art that will only fit on one wall. In this instance, you work around these main elements of the room for the furniture placement.

Traffic Patterns

Another thing to consider is what your traffic pattern for the room will be. Placing a piece of furniture where you think it will look good, might not work once you realize how the room will be utilized and how people will move throughout the room. One thing to do could be to mark off where you initially want the furniture and then run through a typical day. If you find that you are going into the marked off area regularly, you might need to rethink the placement. Another thing to consider is whether you will have accent furniture along with main furniture (ex. side table). This will affect how much room you have to walk around.


An important point when considering furniture placement is to not block the airflow for the room. It is important to realize how high the furniture is in relation to windows and vents. Your furniture does not need to be flush with the wall. You can allow for space between the walls and furniture. Another consideration is if there are shades or curtains that will come in contact with the furniture where you are considering it for placement. You want to make sure that there will not be a hazard of potentially pulling on the window coverings when standing or sitting.


Something to keep in mind is when you are spacing the furniture, is to make sure that there is enough room for everyone who will be using the space. You need to take into account the various sizes of the individuals who will be in the space. Another point is to consider the non-moveable lighting placement in the room. Do you want to have a light over a specific piece of furniture? Will this work with the other furniture placement? By sketching out to scale the furniture and the space, you can determine the best place for your furniture, so it only needs to be placed once. Until you want to rearrange it.