When you are contemplating a makeover or renovation for your space, you can consider making your space more efficient. If you find that your counters are cluttered, or you just don’t seem to have enough room for everything when you remodel, you can fix this. There are ways that you can have the things you want and free up counter space in the process. Here are some cool finds to consider.

Microwave Drawer

A microwave drawer differs from a built-in microwave by its placement. The built-in microwave is normally installed chest high or higher. The microwave drawer is installed around waist high and opens at the touch of a button. This type of microwave is an option if you are looking to free up counter space and space above the stove. Kids are able to access this microwave easier because the microwave is lower to the ground. There is less of a chance of falling trying to reach above their heads. Because the microwave is easier for kids to access, there is also an option to lock the control panel if you don’t want the kids to be able to use the microwave whenever they want.

Wine Dispenser

An easy way to have a fresh glass of wine any time you want is to install a wine dispenser. There are options for single to multiple bottles of wine at a time. There are also options for wall-mounted dispensers and built-in dispensers. The type of dispenser you install can be based on how much wine you drink regularly, the amount of space you have available, and your budgetary limits. You can review your space to determine what type of options you might have available.

Coffee Machine

If you are not into wine or if you are into coffee as well, you can look into installing a built-in coffee machine. There are choices between the types of coffee machines that can be installed. There are some that will require plumbing for the water to flow easily, and there are others that are plumbing-less systems. These will have a reservoir that needs to be filled on occasion. These machines can be all-in-one so that they will hold and grind your beans along with brewing the coffee.

All of these options can be built-in into your space so that precious counter space is not used. This can be huge if you want to give your space that uncluttered look.