One of the fun parts of a home remodel is choosing the colors for your home. You can either go with what worked for you in the past, or you can choose a brand-new theme to go with the brand-new space. You can also choose to keep things the same but put a reconsider date for whether you would like to make a color change in the future. What can help you decide your color scheme? Here are some options.

Color Book

One way that you can help determine your color scheme is to just choose colors that you like and save them in a book. You can find colors in magazines, the Internet, and swatch books to just get a general feel of colors that draw you in. What you can do after you find the colors is to determine if there is a pattern to the colors that you like. Do these colors already match your current color scheme? Did you find that there are other colors that you are drawn to? Is there a particular set of colors that you come back to?

Texture Matters

Another thing you can pay attention to is if you find that you are interested in a particular texture as well. If you find that you are picking a certain color, but only when it matches with a particular texture, you can have a good idea that you should lean this way when coloring your new place. You can also find the same color in different textures to see if a particular color is more attractive when paired with a particular texture.

Room Feel

You can think about how you want the room to feel, to help you get an idea of colors to look at. If the room is going to be your oasis, a spa-like space, you might want to consider softer colors. If you are looking for a place to work or exercise, you might want a brighter room. Part of getting a feel for the room is to determine your room’s main purpose. You can figure out that along with traffic patterns, how many people will be using the space, and if you need to consider anyone’s special needs when considering the light level and proposed use.

Conversation Piece

Another inspiration for colors for your home is if you are designing a room around a conversation or statement piece. If this is true, you can work with the color and texture of this piece to imagine the rest of the room.