Are you looking for a way to jazz up your kitchen space? Do you feel like you’ve been looking at the same old thing for too long? You have many options available to spruce it up. You can either go big or you can change up a little at a time. You would need to take your time frame availability and budget into account when making your choice. Read on for some of the opportunities to add some spark to your kitchen.

Splash of Color

You can make a noticeable change just by adding some color. Do you look around and see beige everywhere? Do you find that most of the colors that you are using are neutral? You can either paint a wall or walls in a bold color, or you can add bold accents to your room. If you have cabinets that show off your dishes, maybe switch up your white plates for reds, blues, and yellows. You can find some colorful artwork or see if you can find some bright hardware pieces to use. You can also reface your cabinets in a bold design.


Another way to add some spark to a room is to switch up the flooring. Look around your space and consider your traffic patterns and usage to determine if another material could be used on the floor. Considerations would be what color you would like to choose, how messy your floor gets from cooking or eating in your kitchen, and if you have anything that could potentially scratch any materials.

Upgrade Your Lighting

You could upgrade your lighting as well. Bright fixtures could add a spark to your kitchen. You could also try a statement lighting piece to draw the eye. One thing to do would be to review your kitchen at various times of day to see how your lighting needs change. Does your kitchen draw in any of the natural sunlight? You might need to add some extra wall sconces to keep the room as bright as you like as the sun begins to set. You have choices between lighting fixtures, lighting covers, and even the colors for the bulb. Another option would be to install smart lights that can be controlled by an app on the phone and set them to go on or off at specific times.

Whatever you choose, even adding colorful quirky items to your kitchen to liven it up can do wonders to help you see your boring kitchen in a new way.