With the new year almost upon us, it is time to start looking at the trends that will be seen in the new year. First, we will look at kitchen trends. Trends can offer a starting point for your design changes, or they can offer looks that you want to incorporate. Researching blogs, design sites, and design centers, here is what we found.

Temporary Wallpaper

One of the trends that will be seen in the new year is the concept of changeable wallpaper. Previously, wallpaper was applied by prepping the wall, rolling on paste, and working each strip to make sure it was applied straight and without bubbles. Removable wallpaper can be applied by either a peel and stick method or by having the paper be pre-pasted and requiring water to be applied to the back before placing it on the wall.  Old style wallpaper needed to be watered down, possibly the need for wallpaper removal solution, and a putty knife to scrape it off. Removable wallpaper can be pulled gently from the wall at a 45-degree angle and then reapplied in another room.

Minimalist Handles

Another trend for the new year is to have cabinet/drawer handles or pulls that have a low profile. They do not stick out very far and allow for a sleek look for your room. You can even have hidden hardware, as would be seen with a drawer or cabinet that is fitted with a push latch. This would mean that you simply push the door/cabinet and it would release and spring open. Another type of handle is the integrated handle. This could be seen as a notch or beveled edge which allows for your fingers to wrap underneath and pull the cabinet/drawer towards you to open it.


The new trend in backsplashes is to have a backsplash that integrates into the wall. Instead of having it stop at a predetermined height (ex. at the hood), the backsplash will continue up to the ceiling. The continuity of pattern can create a more open kitchen. You can draw the eye to the wall, and you have many options to create a one of a kind look. You could use that space to create an accent wall for your kitchen, a conversation piece that guests can talk about during parties. This would mean that you would need space between the cabinets or on the wall that would allow the backsplash to extend to the ceiling.